DVD 5: "Key Center Location"
Running Time: 1hour 31mins

I may be wrong but I suspect that several intermediate players will think they already 'get' this because of the DVD title...

Well I'll ask you to suspend your know-it-all-ism and go through every minute of this powerful presentation because chances are if you try to guess the contents of this DVD you'd be off.

I guarantee the way we'll study this K.C.L. module will give you 'almost' psychic bass powers for figuring out new songs and playing intelligently over them.

A bassist buddy of mine (very well know player who plays for one of the biggest Gospel artist in the country and for another Grammy award winning artists) and I were talking once and he mentioned something that made me chuckle...

"The reason I was able to make this outlandish run here is because I knew XXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XX." I smiled because I couldn't agree more and on this DVD you'll know why this is such a big but often overlooked deal.

In fact this module is so important it also comes with an accompany audio CD packed with practical exercises that WILL, I promise you, fortify your bass intelligence!