DVD 4: "Modal Linkage Concepts"
Running Time: 1hour 50mins

Coming out of watching DVD 3 your mind will probably be swimming with possibilities :-)... Well rather than relax, DVD 4 is going to serious up the ANTE!

Here's how...

Most people know what a GPS system is... It's a device that is able to 1) pinpoint your location and 2) give you live updated directions to any other location you want, based on every move you make.

Well, few people realize that every single scale you learn has a way to use its 'modes' as a GPS system for moving around the fretboard that is perfectly accurate every single time.

Truth be told I blindly overlooked this myself, until 13 months ago when I really started digging into the way music works on the fretboard.

Here we'll go deep into a very unique method of using a common musical concept, that, when coupled what you learnt on DVD 2 will positively blow the roof off of your 'box'.

This one is another biggie so I'll have to break it up into 5 main sections;

  • How to imbed XXXXX chunks into our mind with three simple steps, and use the concepts of XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX triggers... The first step is the programming of your powerful GPS system.

  • Proven exercises for developing the technical skill required to easily play your XXXXX clusters.

  • Uncovering and correcting a hidden flaw in how most people learn scales that severely hinders their ability to play a scale backwards over multiple octaves.

  • The 2/5 M.M.S. and The Rule of 6. These are two of the commands you'll use to power your new found GPS system for fretboard navigation.

  • A ginormous cut and paste arsenal of various scales and their application chords, including a play by play guide to the sweet spots within each scale for creating lines and interesting runs.