DVD 3: "Arpeggio Visualization Revealed"
Running Time: 1hour 33mins

By the time we hit DVD 3, you will already begin to see VERY noticeable and significant improvements in how well you can attack the fretboard and you'll be getting lost a lot less frequently.

That's because the new info I've packed into the modules on N.Eq and I.M. work together like a map to reveal hidden stepping stones on the fretboard.

But there's a lot more... It's at this stage that I'll then introduce a biggie...

I don't want to sound overly excited but what we'll cover here is worth the price of the entire course by itself.

This module is such a powerful and packed one that you'll not only get the video lesson but you'll also receive 4 additional supplemental audio CDs and a supplemental Tab book that I designed to for maximum effectiveness. (Details later)

Now truth be told a lot of people already know to work on this factor, but I've found that the way we commonly approach it is what has been bleeding the effectiveness out of our efforts.

To make this lesson extra special I sought out the help of an expert in accelerated learning techniques and designed it so you can start absorbing the info presented here in about 1/3 the time.

Here's some of the benefits you'll get outta this module...

  • You'll see how to get past what I call default chord representation syndrome, a marked symptom advanced players hear in beginner/intermediate players' bass playing.
  • We'll work on a way to develop an eyesight for chord tones across the entire fretboard...

    You see the best most fluent players don't see just one or two notes when they see a chord...

    The most fluid players are fluid because at ANY POINT of the fretboard they are able to see a clear path made of up powerfully tasty notes that fit perfectly with that chord, no matter where they are.

    When we're done, you'll be able to see this as well.
  • In fact the entire purpose of this module will be in getting you to understand how to achieve that. This has been a thing that always took years of mundane practice to achieve, but now I believe we have a better way.
  • We'll also take a very close look at some such super advanced ways to play chords on the bass that will always catch the attention of any onlooker - If you're wanting to improve your soloing and the creation of some really tasteful licks this module it going to be da bomb!