DVD 2: "Intervallic Mastery Attained"
Running Time: 1hour 37mins

Here's another little tip you might find insightful.

The reason why some people have such fantastic command of the fretboard is because they understand how to see each chord as a set of 'moving' directions, and more so, how to execute those directions!

In this module we're gonna really break it down. (There may be points where you even think I'm giving you too much step by step instruction but I'm not taking any chances with this module because this is the first BIG paradigm shift you need to have in the way you look at notes on the fretboard.)

I'll cover it thoroughly, and after this module you'll have another very powerful "weapon" -- One that allows you to start seeing the crucial connections that make up every musical phrase you hear, and seeing how to put them to work for you.

This lesson reveals in more detail than you'll find anywhere a HUGELY important factor I've found that every single fluent bassist has... And every fumbling player misses... Every single one.

We'll cover;

  • Understanding a chord's blueprint and floor plan and uncovering the master tools you need to have to be able to read these blueprints accurately and quickly.
  • An exact step by step breakdown of the DNA of fretboard harmony - You need to be able to see this clearly and when you do you'll get your next BIG boost in fretboard fluency.
  • Most Important - Exact directions and demonstrations of the single most powerful collection of exercises I've ever seen to literally FORCE-FOCUS your I.M. eyesight into 'hi-definition'.