DVD 1: "The Fretboard Formula Primer", "The Fretboard Formula Revealed" & Manipulating N.Eqs."
Running Time: 1hour 32mins

This DVD contains three separate sessions.

"The Fretboard Formula Primer": Here we'll start by smoothing out any beginner hiccups that you may have ONCE and for ALL by covering basics such as How to read tabs, Major Scales, Modes 101, Creating chords from scales etc.

Even if you don't yet own a bass, when you're done here you flat out qualify to get full into The Fretboard Formula.

"The Fretboard Formula Revealed": Will reveal the 'evil' master plan for developing outstanding fluency fast.

It's based 100% on the hidden ways I've found that advanced players have come to 'see music working' on the fretboard sub-consciously. I've examined, broken down and codified all these crucial 'eyesight' tweaks into 6 breakthrough steps...

They are : N.Eq + I.M. + A.V. + M.L. + K.C.L. + H.P.I. / R.P.R. = Outstanding Fretboard Fluency

In this lesson you'll understand what it all means, how it fits together and why it's literally bullet proof.

"Manipulating N.Eqs": If I was to sum this up in 4 words it'd be 'Warp Speed Note Learning' because after this single lesson there’s not a note any where on any 4, 5 or 6 string bass that you won’t be able to quickly and easily name.


Here's some of the stuff we'll cover...

  • The Fretboard Heat map, what it is and why it's important that we 'see' this before we take a single step forward.
  • Understanding, identifying and implanting your own RED Zone and using it learn notes fast without forcibly memorizing them. (This is crucial!)
  • The 5 Most powerful tools for Leveraging “The Red Zone”
  • The concept of imaginary XXXXX that makes the entire fretboard a series of “Red Zones”
  • Real life explanations of how to use N.Eqs and homework to ensure that you get it!

I'll say it again at the risk of sounding boastful but if it's note names that you want to learn this single module will deliver ten times the value you're expecting.

All of this is just DVD #1 and it's the preparatory stuff.